Meet Melissa

about-meWelcome and hello!

I am just an ordinary woman with an extraordinary interest in natural living and wellness.

I am mom to one incredible little boy and a wife to my best friend and life co-pilot.

Although I believe there is a place for conventional healthcare, I believe a lot of things can be handled with remedies that come from the earth and are not patented by a greedy pharmaceutical company.

I feed my family meals that are gluten, dairy (except for grass fed butter!) and refined sugar free.

As a mother, I fully support extended breastfeeding, homebirths, leaving boys intact, natural parenting, baby led weaning, cloth diapering, unschooling, and a bunch of other stuff that is likely to be labeled “crunchy”.

I love dancing. Drop a funky baseline and I’m bound to bust a move.

I aspire to one day live on an airstream and travel across the country all the while unschooling our child(ren).

I am on a mission to share healthful information and connect with like-minded people of all ages.